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Tree Selection at Heritage Farms

Choosing the Perfect Tree

When choosing your tree, the first thing you should keep in mind is where in your home you plan to display the tree. For some the short fat tree is just right, others will want the tall thin tree and of course every child wants the biggest fattest tree they can talk their parents into.


Some trees have soft branches that need light feathery ornaments and others are just perfect for massive heavy ornaments. Be sure and ask your tree provider what are the characteristics of each of the kinds of trees he is selling, that information will help you decide which is the better choice for your home, ornaments and celebration plans. Some types of trees are known to hold their needles longer than others, short stiff needles, long soft needles, short soft needles, you decide!

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Is My Tree Fresh?

Don’t be afraid to ask when the tree you are considering was harvested and how long it should stay fresh in your home. Even with this information a couple of simple tests should help you feel assured that the tree you just adore is indeed fresh;

  • If you purchase a pre-cut tree, always ask for a fresh cut. Once a tree is cut, sap gathers on the bottom of the truck which does not allow it to absorb water. A fresh cut will help your tree last longer.

  • The needles on the tree should be resilient. Hold a branch about 6 inches from the tip. Pull you hand toward the tip, allow the branch to slip through your fingers. Needles should adhere to the branch and not fall off in your hand.

  • Lift the tree a couple of inches off the ground, then bring it down abruptly on the stump end. Outside, green needles should not fall off in substantial numbers. Remember, however, inside needles do turn brown and shed naturally every year. Ask your tree provider to shake your tree for you to remove needles from prior year’s growth cycles.

  • A good fragrance and natural green color are also freshness indicators.

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