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Heritage Farms Tree Field Safety Guidelines

Safety First!

We want you and your family to have an enjoyable and safe experience at the Farm. Please remember that our fields are in their natural state. You may encounter holes, stumps, barbed wire fences, rocks, streams, poison ivy, fallen trees, quarry stones and thorns. Please watch where you walk and observe


The Farm’s Safety Guidelines

Rules for All Seasons:

  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times

  • No pets are allowed on the Farm

  • Cross the creek only where we have provided bridges to do so

Rules for Christmas Season:

  • No axes or power chain saws allowed

  • Only adults may carry or use saws

  • Unmarked trees may be purchased for $300.00 each.


We hope you will have a safe and enjoyable visit to Heritage Farms!


To Assure You Have a Fun Time Please
Observe the Farm's Safety Rules at all times.

Kim & Carol Haramis

George (Kim) & Carol Haramis

Heritage Farms Farm Location Map

Our Location

Visit us in Peninsula, Ohio, the heart of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


Heritage Farms

6050 Riverview Road
Peninsula, Ohio 44264

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